The Corson Crew

The Corson Crew

Friday, June 14, 2013

Surprise surprise!

This morning we had a quick swim lesson where Andrew worked at perfecting his dive then this afternoon Andrew had his second swim meet. He got first place in backstroke and second in freestyle. I was proud of him for using the block to dive in. I know he was really nervous. Once he dove, his goggles got messed up and struggled the rest of the way with his head above water. He still manages to get second place!  Matthew played with Maddie and Molly during the meet. It is sweet to see him interact with his girl cousins....sharing his baby, wanting to wake Maddie up from her nap, and playing in the rain. 
When we got home we had a HUGE surprise!  Luke (Andrew's best friend from pre-school) is in town and surprised Andrew with a sleep over. The boys picked up like no time had passed. Matthew wanted to much to be big like them and they were really nice to include him. We have another day of play planned for tomorrow. I'm sure it will be jammed packed!

Sweet boys

Andrew, Luke, and Seth had a fantastic day full if fun today. Just like old times. They played Minecraft, played war, and Skylander Giants. The whole time they played, little Matthew sat at watched, admiring his time with the big kids. They had all had a blast together and were so fun to watch play!  Love all of these sweet boys!

This was the same bunch summer 2012:

This was this year!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Best Buds at School

How cute are these cuties?  Today Matthew and Jackson had a very special teacher in their classroom....Aunt Em. They thought it was pretty special. Em brought them home after school and Jackson told her that she acted weird. I guess teacher Em has to be a bit different than babysitter or Aunt Em. Too funny!

Oh, and Matthew HAD to take his new pillow....the one mommy brought from her flight home!  It now belongs to him!

Andrew's 1st Swim Meet

It was a bit crazy. Not really knowing what to expect and all. But Andrew walked out with two white and a blue ribbon. Third in freestyle and backstroke and first in breaststroke. He even swam with the 9-10 year olds in the breaststroke. It was a ton on fun and we look forward to more meets this summer. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mommy Maui Trip

This past week Andrew and I spent some time in Maui with two other families. The had an absolute blast. It was so good for us to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Houston and relax. Our days consisted of beach, pool, shaved ice, and fun meals spent with friends. It was a week of memories we will never forget and always cherish!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Little memories

I wish I had an iPhone when Andrew was smaller and understood how to record memories in a blog. This is one I don't want to forget. Right now when Matthew goes to bed, he always walks along the headboard of his bed and tries to spell his name. He is getting better and better. He has the M A and W down. Just a few more to go!  Love these sweet moments!


Andrew and Matthew had a lesson at the Racquet Club and so we stayed a little for free swim after it was over. A cute girl walked up and said, "Hi Andrew!"  Andrew was flattered and said hello back. It was his lunch buddy from kindergarten a first grade, Catherine!  They were so cute!  I loved watching them giggle together and have fun. It's not often that Andrew is comfortable enough around girls to relax and enjoy their company!
Afterward the boys and I grabbed lunch and then made a couple of our stops. One to Academy where the boys felt like they needed skateboards and then to Whole Foods. Matthew was a ham and kept taking his shirt off. Errands during the summer are going to be so fun!!
Then came the dreaded allergy shot. Andrew was not happy and Matthew was on his side trying to persuade me not to take him to get his shot. Afterward, once Matthew saw how upset Andre was, Matthew was upset with me. He told me to NEVER let Andrew get a shot again. I was such a bad mommy!
I do love how the boys take up for each other....sometimes:)
The boys waiting at the allergy doctor.